The Flying Trunk
A New Rock Musical Based on the Tale by Hans Christian Andersen
Premieres May 20-Jun 15, 2014 at Spotlight Youth Theatre
10620 N 43rd Ave · Glendale, AZ 85304 ·(602) 843-8318

Auditions Tue.-Wed., Apr 15-16, 2014
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The Original Cast

Posted 4/27/2014

The cast is in place and rehearsals are underway. This is going to be a fine premiere!

Introducing the cast of the debut production of The Flying Trunk:

In the Storytelling Troupe:
Maestro: Ben Massouras
Rip: Carly Jacobs
Harley: Taylor Bader
Tumbler: Jill Wright
Troubadour: Sophia Matin
Troupe Members: Alyssa Armstrong, Phoenix Briggs, Delaney Fowler, Jacob Herrera, Samantha Johnson, Sara Matin, Katelyn McCallum, Elizabeth Rickel, Kayla Stillman, Tanya Whitten
Theme Setters: Beth Amerine, Olivia Medina, Zoey Waller

In the Mining Town of Winnemuck:
Hatch Shonin: Tyler Lewis
Sherry Shonin: Camden Wawro
Becky Carson: Samantha Johnson
Saloon Patrons: Isabella Armstrong, Amaya Burkhart, Andrew Fishencord, Jacob Herrera, Krystalynn Newbury, Maggie Rafidi, Halle Sweeter
Loan Sharks: Phoenix Briggs, Alex Demski, Delaney Fowler
Sherry’s Angels: Alyssa Armstrong, Sophia Matin, Kayla Stillman

In the Kasbah of Havara:
Princess Meliha (Mel): Katie Czajkowski
Lady Hadia: Sara Matin
Lady Ayla: Elizabeth Rickel
Ferah: Hannah Pohlmeyer
Sultan Serhan: Christian Bader
Kareem: Alex Demski

In The Ballad of Sierra Zod:
Sierra Zod: Samantha Johnson
Sheriff Shaw Ray: Taylor Bader
Danella Zod: Zoey Waller
Deputies: Phoenix Briggs, Jacob Herrera
Sierra’s Girls: Alyssa Armstrong, Kayla Stillman, Tanya Whitten
Townsfolk: Isabella Armstrong, Amaya Burkhart, Andrew Fishencord, Carly Jacobs, Katelyn McCallum, Krystalynn Newbury, Maggie Rafidi, Halle Sweeter
Arabian Nights Characters: Beth Amerine, Olivia Medinia, Carly Jacobs

Sky Ensemble: Alyssa Armstrong, Phoenix Briggs, Delaney Fowler, Jacob Herrara, Samantha Johnson, Katelyn McCallum, Kayla Stillman, Tanya Whitten

Dance Captain: Katie Czajkowski

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Book & Lyrics:

Bobby Sample

Josh Hontz
Bobby Sample
Connor Sample
Katie Sample

With Violin
Arrangements by:

Jazzly Ramirez

Based on
the Story by
Hans Christian

Keyboard &

Josh Hontz

Katie Sample

Connor Sample

Jazzly Ramirez

Leslie Sato

Carly Bates

Originally Produced by Spotlight Youth Theatre of Arizona
SYT Artistic Director
Kenny Grossman
Musical Director
Mark 4Man
Lynzee 4Man